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Do you need to have your home’s pipes replaced? Look no further than the team of Bakersfield piping and repiping specialists at HPS Plumbing Services. From full-house repiping jobs to new installations for residential and commercial construction projects, our skilled plumbing experts can provide the quality workmanship and service you need.

Why trust HPS Plumbing Services for your piping and repiping needs?

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Signs Your Pipes Need to Be Replaced

Like most things in your home, your pipes are subject to wear and tear from constant use. Over time, your piping material may become corroded and become weak, leading to leaks, mold, and further damage to your home if left unrepaired. Instead of constantly patching pipes and making small repairs, it may be a more cost-effective option to completely repipe your home.

It may be time to have your pipes replaced if:

  • Your home’s plumbing is more than 30 years old
  • Your water pressure is constantly low
  • You notice rusty colored water
  • Your pipes frequently leak
  • Your home is equipped with polybutylene pipes

At HPS Plumbing Services, our knowledgeable and friendly plumbers can help you select a repiping option that fits your needs and budget. We install and replace a wide variety of piping materials, including copper, PEX (cross polythene), and PVC. Unlike many other plumbing companies, we only use the highest quality materials and complete every repiping job in accordance with the latest plumbing standards, ensuring that you get the most out of your new piping system.

PVC & Copper Repiping in Bakersfield

Backed by decades of experience, our Bakersfield plumbing team can answer any questions you may have about repiping and help you choose an option that is right for you. Our fully licensed and certified plumbers have handled hundreds of thousands of projects and are dedicated to getting the job done right every time without exception. Also, be sure to take a minute and look at the HERO Program which offers affordable payment plans for energy efficient products.

Contact us online or call us today at (661) 426-2166 to schedule a repiping consultation with one of our Bakersfield plumbing repipe team members.

The HPS Plumbing Services Difference

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    We tackle every plumbing request with only the best tools and equipment.

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