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About Us

About HPS Plumbing Services

The Best Bakersfield Plumbers with the Best Tools for the Best Customers

No matter what plumbing issue you are facing, entrust them all the HPS. Equipped with only the top quality tools in the plumbing industry, HPS is dedicated to providing expert plumbing services in Bakersfield and beyond. With decades of extensive experience accomplishing tens of thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing projects, our team can confidently get the job done right every time.

65 Years Experience

Our History

HPS Mechanical Inc. was founded as Harry’s Plumbing Service in 1959 by Harry DenHerder. With one truck that he used for service calls, he built up the business with a solid reputation for doing the best work in town at a reasonable price. HPS has continued to grow and has been in the DenHerder family for three generations, purchased in 1976 by Harry’s son, Les DenHerder then Harry’s grandson, Scott DenHerder in 2018. Over the generations, HPS has expanded into new construction, pipeline, sewer, engineering and plumbing design services in Southern California and Nevada. We’re still known for our technical expertise and quality work, just on a larger scale. HPS is a progressive company dedicated not only to meeting your needs today but to anticipating how we can continue to serve you tomorrow. Looking to the future, we participate in the HERO Program where individuals interested in energy efficient products can get affordable payment options.

Quality Bakersfield Plumber for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Needs

HPS excels at both small and large scale plumbing projects. In Bakersfield, HPS offers a full range of residential plumbing and repair services. HPS is well known for our commercial, municipal, industrial piping, and military projects and carries out most of our work as a mechanical contractor specializing in plumbing and piping as well as performing site utilities in support of mechanical systems. HPS is licensed in California for general engineering and general building and holds specialty licenses for plumbing, HVAC, pipeline, fire protection, septic, and boiler systems.
With the exception of insulation services, HPS employees perform all work on our projects. We have a core crew of 225 permanent field employees that can expand to meet any required schedule. Although 60 percent of our work is performed as a subcontractor, HPS does bid specialty projects as a prime contractor with a full-time engineering and CAD team capable of design/build projects for both private and public owners.

Committed to Safety

HPS has an excellent in-house safety program. Over the last two decades, losses in the areas of general liability and workers’ compensation have accounted for less than 15% of our premiums. Because of our impressive safety record, we can provide higher coverage limits, thereby, providing additional benefits to owners and general contractors.

Outstanding Plumbing Repair in Bakersfield

Working Together for Your Satisfaction

At HPS, we believe every client, employee, and vendor brings something special to the team. That’s why you’ll find very little turnover on our crews. And you’ll find that most of our vendors, like our employees, have worked with us for years! The strong, positive relationships we’ve developed with our vendors are crucial to us for competitive pricing and timely delivery of materials–both of which are essential to keeping your projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Using this interwoven team of experts enables us to provide the talent and knowledge we need for the success of your project.