HPS Bakers

What We Do

What We Do

Highly Competent Bakersfield Plumbers

HPS is proud to be one of the leading and most trusted plumbing companies throughout Bakersfield and beyond. For years, we have been the go-to contractors for hundreds of residents, commercial properties, and industrial sites in the area. No matter what the size or scope of a plumbing project, from design and build to industrial subcontracts, our team is equipped with the most cutting-edge tools to get the job done right every time. Additionally, HPS offers high-quality services at competitive rates to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Educational Contracts

HPS performs many projects in the educational field and has completed contracts up to $25 Million. These include new schools with plumbing, mechanical piping and site utilities, school remodeling for handicapped accessibility and utility infrastructure both new and remodeled. These projects may be performed as a Prime Contractor, Multi-Prime Contractor or as a Subcontractor. Regardless of the role and contractual relationship, HPS is always the lead contractor.

Industrial Subcontracts

Industrial subcontracts make up a large part of our business and we have worked on some major projects throughout the state. One of our largest industrial subcontracts to date is the 4950 Test Wing Relocation BP #1 for  at Edwards Air Force Base. HPS remodeled existing buildings, serviced new buildings and performed site work. In addition, our team created a jet fuel system made of 8-inch and 14-inch stainless steel pipe enclosed in fiberglass carrier pipe along the existing runway.

Military Contracts

HPS is an experienced military contractor, and we are proud to say we have received many of our contracts based solely on our technical expertise and reasonable prices. We have performed work on multiple military facilities in the western United States including some of the most remote and challenging areas including remote desert of Arizona and islands off of the California coast.

Design & Build

With decades of design build experience, HPS can offer in house engineering and staff perform all aspects of design from 3D CAD services to BIM Management and clash coordination. Our portfolio is complete with private and public projects ranging from small remodels to $750M+ design build projects