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If you’re experiencing problems with your sink, bathroom or basement, our drain cleaning plumbers are available to help diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. Our licensed plumbers have years of experience with residential plumbing jobs and are available at a time that’s convenient for our customers.

If you have a problem with stopped up drains in your house, you might need them professionally cleaned. At HPS Plumbing Services, our Bakersfield drain cleaning team use only the best tools and products to clean residential drain pipes so that they can work efficiently for as long as possible.

Why You Need Drain Cleaning Services Immediately

Is your plumbing system experiencing issues? Are your sinks and bathtubs getting clogged faster than they used to? Your system likely needs a thorough cleaning. The drains in your kitchen, bathrooms, toilet, and floor are susceptible to many things that can disrupt its flow over time and lead to flooding.

At HPS Plumbing Services, our Bakersfield plumbers confront all these common clogs in kitchens, bathrooms, and floors:

Effective Hydrojetting Services

Need to get rid of a stubborn clog? Are your pipes clogging more often than they should? HPS Plumbing Services can help! Hydrojetting is a highly efficient method of clearing that clog once and for all. But don’t try this on your own – hydrojetting is very effective but can also be dangerous, so it’s best left to our trained professionals. With our experience and thorough assessments, HPS Plumbing Services can help determine if hydrojetting is the best solution for your clogged drains!

Clearing Slow Drains & Clogged Sinks Fast

If your sinks in your home are getting clogged and causing leaks and other problems, our experts in Bakersfield drain cleaning can address the issue promptly. We make it our priority to accommodate our customers’ schedules and fix their plumbing system as soon as possible. If you suspect the trouble might be related to the garbage disposal, we are experts at repairing broken sinks and fixtures of all kinds.

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