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If your house or place of business is experiencing a plumbing issue, HPS Plumbing Services is the company for you. Our professional, residential plumbers have fixed hundreds of thousands of plumbing problems, and are always available to our customers at a time that’s convenient for them. We’re licensed to practice in both California and Nevada, and we offer free estimates to get our customers started on the right path towards a better functioning plumbing system. If you are concerned that your plumbing could be working more efficiently, our Bakersfield plumbers are equipped to help with any problem no matter how big or small.

The Benefits of Garbage Disposals

Do you need a garbage disposal unit installed in your home? Are you aware of the many benefits of having one in your kitchen? A garbage disposal is a great tool to help with waste management, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen or require too much maintenance. A garbage disposal is installed underneath the sink, between the train and the trap, and is powered by electricity; its job is to shred food so that it can be carried away easily by running water through your pipes.

At HPS Plumbing Services, our Bakersfield garbage disposal plumbers understand the many benefits of garbage disposals for home owners and for the environment, including:

Do Coffee Grounds Break Garbage Disposals?

Coffee grounds don’t directly break garbage disposals, but it is wise to avoid putting them down the disposal. When coffee grounds go through the garbage disposal they actually can help eliminate some odors that may build up, but once they get through the disposal into the drains they cause problems. Coffee grounds, like many things can build up in pipes causing clogs and damage pipes.

Get Started by Calling Our Bakersfield Plumbers

If you’re ready to install a new garbage disposal in your home, or need maintenance work performed on your current one and the pipes it leads to, our plumbing company is here to help. Our goal is to make your plumbing system running more smoothly, and we offer free estimates to get you started.

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