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We'll Keep Your Lawn & Garden Healthy When Your Sprinklers Break

It’s no secret that California doesn’t see a lot of annual rainfall, which means keeping your lawn beautiful and your flowers vibrant and healthy can be a tough task. Water use restrictions and increasing utility costs both make wise water consumption choices a necessity. The best way to keep your yard healthy and properly watered is by making sure irrigation system valves and pipes are leak-free and in proper working order, and luckily, HPS Plumbing Services is ready to help.

Sprinkler Repairs You Can Trust to Last

Have you noticed your lawn has brown spots, even though you have a sprinkler system installed? Are there unexplained puddles in your yard, or are your sprinklers not spraying as well as they used to? This can indicate a defect or break somewhere in the system. HPS Plumbing Services can quickly find the problem and get your irrigation system repaired without sacrificing quality workmanship.

We can perform a variety of sprinkler repair services, such as:

Handling Sprinkler System Repairs Big & Small

No matter the size and scope of your sprinkler repair project, you can count on our experienced team to get the job done right. At HPS Plumbing Services, our Bakersfield sprinkler experts always strive to finish every project quickly to minimize disruption to your busy schedule. We always make it a point to leave your property better than we found it to ensure your total and complete satisfaction.

For those interested in financing for energy-efficient sprinkler systems, check out the HERO Program designed to provide affordable payment plans.

60+ Years of Experience to Benefit You!

HPS Plumbing Services strives to deliver the best sprinkler and irrigation services to Bakersfield residents who live on properties of all sizes. No matter the repair needed, our highly-trained technicians can get things running again and in less time than you might expect. We know your yard is the pride of your home, and our expertise and attention to detail can keep your landscape vibrant and colorful all year long.