Cup of water next to three filters.

What’s The Importance of Water Filtration

We all know how essential water is. After all, humans are 60% water in their bodies, and doctors tell us that we have to drink at least 8 cups of it a day to maintain essential body functions. It is easy to pull water from our taps without considering the quality. Pollutants can ruin the taste, and cause short and long-term health effects!

Thankfully, technologies exist to help you improve your water quality. Water filtration systems are not only convenient but also cost-effective. The EPA estimates that up to 40% of Americans utilize water filtration systems in their homes. This blog will explore the benefits of water filtration and why more Americans should have them in their homes!

Why You Should Filter

There are many benefits to filtering your water at home. After exploring these benefits, maybe you will consider adding filtration to your home sinks and appliances.

1. Better Taste & Smell

Water that is filtered typically tastes better than water that is not. Heavy metals contribute to the unpleasant taste of tap water. While most tap water is “safe,” it does not mean that there are no contaminants to be found. Water filtration systems help remove these metals, improving the taste!

The same heavy metals also contribute to odd-smelling water. When your water smells bad, you are less likely to drink directly from the tap. There are also volatile organic compounds that contribute to bad smells, which can also cause damage to your body.

2. Save Money & The Environment

One reason that people purchase bottled water is to make sure that it is safe to drink. For example, when there are city-wide water contamination issues. However, with a filter at home, you can provide your source of safe drinking water. This will save money in the long run, as bottled water adds up.

While costs for water in plastic bottles are high, having your filtration system also benefits the environment. With your filter, you will purchase fewer bottled water products. Practicing this will reduce the amount of plastic you produce daily, subsequently reducing your ecological footprint.

3. Preserving Your Health

Some contaminants and viruses can make their way into your home through drinking water. When water is unsafe to drink at this level, it impacts multiple parts of your day. For example, you cannot cook, brush your teeth, or wash food-related items. Furthermore, showering in contaminated water can also pose respiratory problems.

If you have children in the home, the quality of water impacts them more severely. As their immune systems are developing, they must have clean water to drink. If they encounter contaminants, they are more likely to fall sick.

4. Avoiding Natural & Manmade Problems

If severe floods are in your area, such as from the city piping, contaminants can enter your water system. Floodwaters pick up debris and bring them into your home, which means that you will consume them without filtration.

Other problems from areas such as construction sites can also cause contaminants in your water supply. Chemicals used at these sites can seep into the groundwater, eventually making their way into drinking water. For example, if a construction site is dealing with asbestos, it can contaminate your drinking water. Asbestos, in particular, is hazardous, posing severe health risks.

Types of Water Filtration

The point-of-use and whole-home filtration systems are the two central water filtration systems used in the home. Read more below to find out more about what these systems do for your home.

Point-of-use Water Filtration

Many people just want access to purified water from their main kitchen sink. This makes sense, as most of your drinking and cooking water should come from here. These filtration systems are relatively easy to install due to their single location use.

Whole-home Water Filtration

This type of filtration system is slightly more complex to install due to the location. Whole-home water filtration systems must connect to the main water line to filter all the water going into the home. If people have water issues throughout the house, this option might be most suitable.

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