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What’s The Importance of Water Filtration

What’s The Importance of Water Filtration We all know how essential water is. After all, humans are 60% water in their bodies, and doctors tell us that we have to drink at least 8 cups of it a day to maintain essential body functions. It is easy to pull water from our taps without considering […]

Common and Preventable Plumbing Issues

10 Common Household Plumbing Problems Every home has plumbing problems every once in a while, no matter how old or new the home’s plumbing system is. There could be a plethora of problems related to your piping, fixtures, septic systems, and more that are more common than you may think. Wear and tear over time […]

Keep your sprinkler working this winter.

Benefits of Winterizing Your Sprinkler System In most parts of the U.S., temperatures can drop rather quickly in the winter months, including here in Bakersfield. Your sprinkler system can suffer in the winter, like any other mechanical plumbing system located outside of your home. The components inside of your sprinkler system can freeze, even if […]

Signs Your Home’s Pipes are Wearing Out

Ways to Know If Your Pipes Need to Be Replaced Finding a leak on your own without professional help may not be easy, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. Signs of broken or damaged pipes may not always be as obvious as you might think. Considering your plumbing system as a whole, thinking about replacing […]

Reasons to Schedule a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a New Home

Reasons to Schedule a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a New Home It’s finally happened – you’ve found the perfect home. You put in an offer, and to your surprise, it’s accepted! There are just a few things left to take care of before the move: packing, hiring a moving company, and scheduling a plumbing inspection. […]

Why Water Filters are Important in California

The Advantages of Installing Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems in California As a California resident, you’re probably all too familiar with droughts and water contamination. Did you know that one of the best ways to combat these problems is to install a whole-home water filtration system? Not only will it remove particles from your water, making […]

HPS Mechanical Funds Ronald McDonald House at Memorial Hospital

HPS Mechanical Funds Ronald McDonald House at Memorial Hospital Donations poured in Thursday to the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House, which is under construction on the campus of Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.When complete, relatives of sick kids receiving care at Memorial may stay overnight or take a breather while little ones receive medical care. Work may be […]

HPS Walks for Kids for Ronald McDonald House

HPS Walks for Kids for Ronald McDonald House (June 2013) HPS has been a longtime supporter of local charities. Over the years HPS has stayed involved in donating financial resources and numerous volunteer hours to such worthy local causes as Habitat for Humanity, ACS Relay for Life and Memorial Hospital’s Ronald McDonald House, which opened […]

HPS helps Habitat for Humanity in Home Builder Blitz

Giving Back to the Community through Partnerships HPS has partnered with McCarthy Builders and other San Diego Contractors to help Habitat for Humanity build affordable housing for deserving families in El Cajon, CA. These families must qualify in advance by showing need for better housing, financial ability, and commitment through volunteer hours to help Habitat […]

HPS Safety Barbecue

Home Blog Blog HPS Safety Barbecue HPS Mechanical has always prided itself on its closeness to our employees. That’s why we have quarterly safety barbecues where all employees without a safety violation in the prior year are eligible to be rewarded with gift cards and cash prizes up to $500. We understand that the job […]