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HPS Safety Culture

Think, Plan, Perform!—Courtesy of Our Bakersfield Plumbing Company

At HPS, we believe that for us to provide the best services for our best customers, it is important that we ensure the best for our employees as well. That’s why we strive to ensure a safe, working environment for them. We know that every job involves certain risks, especially when high-powered equipment and tools are involved. By keeping our Bakersfield plumbers and other employees safe, we are also able to deliver faster and more efficient completion of your plumbing project.

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HPS Safety Committee (Think)

In 2011, HPS began to implement a series of changes to improve our Safety Program. A Safety Committee was established to brainstorm and come up with new ideas on how to create a consistent safety culture with the end goal of implementing a “Safety First Environment”.

The Safety Committee’s primary goal is to enhance the company’s safety program and find creative ways to encourage employee participation. The nine-person Safety Committee holds monthly meetings to review any incidents, near misses, and open claims while discussing what appropriate corrective actions and preventive measures should be taken to drive positive changes in safety culture.

In January 2012, the committee created a new Safety Incentive Program to encourage employees and facilitate a Safety First mind set. The second Friday of each quarter, HPS holds a Safety BBQ with several prize drawings along with $4,000 that is equally split between all full-time field employees that have met our safety standards within the previous 12 months.

The safety standards include:

  • No accidents or injuries
  • No open workers comp claims (from date of closure)
  • No safety warnings

In addition to the prize drawing and cash split, there is a chance to win one of three cash prize amounts (two $250 and one $500) for each quarter. This has proven to be a popular event and we are optimistic that it will continue to encourage employees to work safely and abide by the safety standards that have been set.

In addition to the Safety BBQ, our Safety Committee also began holding Continuous Safety Improvement (CSI) meetings. These meetings are held twice a year and are open to all project managers, foremen, superintendents, and any other employees who would like to participate. They are in effect company sponsored dinner conversations held at a local diner with the purpose of getting direct input on the changing areas of risk and concern in field operations. In addition to hosting many expert speakers in the safety industry, the meetings also allow an open forum for employees to address any questions or concerns they may have with regard to safety and OSHA compliance.

HPS Safety Training (Plan)

In keeping with OSHA regulations, HPS has made it mandatory for all new hires to go through our Safety Orientation prior to being sent on-site for work. Our Safety Supervisor ensures that all employees have been fully trained on our IIPP, Safety Manual, Heat Illness Prevention Plan, GHS/Hazcom and that they have the proper training for the work they will be tasked with performing.

In 2014, HPS started using a new Safety Card program for all field employees. Each employee is issued an HPS Safety Card that is specific to them. This card tracks all training and certificates that the employee has completed. At any time, customers can scan the employee’s Safety Card with a QR Reader app and it will show you all completed training and certificates with expiration dates. This program has been an added benefit to HPS as it has kept our training records in order and ensures that each employee is current on all necessary training.

HPS Safety Support (Perform)

Our Safety Supervisor conducts regular job site safety inspections along with the standard visits by our project managers (all belonging to the safety committee) in a concerted effort to achieve better risk control, open employee communication, and to ensure OSHA compliance is being met on all projects. During these visits, a job site check list is used to inspect all necessary items. The Superintendent or Foreman of each project also completes an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) each day to identify specific known safety concerns for the type of work being performed. The AHA is reviewed with the crew each morning before work is started on-site.

On this page, you will find these forms along with other pertinent safety forms used by HPS. Additionally, work crews hold a Weekly Tailgate Meeting on every jobsite led by the field supervisor or foreman. The meetings are designed for both plumbing and site crews with specific topics assigned to each week and include reviews of our IIPP.

Our Safety Manual and IIPP were recently revamped in October 2016 and are constantly revised on an annual basis to stay up to date with changing law and regulations.

Through these efforts, among others, HPS is proud to have reduced our current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) to 57% with a five-year average of 81%.

Here at HPS, we continued to take pride in promoting a “Safety First Environment” with the help and participation of our employees.

For more information about our Think. Plan. Perform! campaign, contact our Bakersfield plumbing company at (661) 426-2166.

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